Genesis(Band) Edit

Genesis is a Proggressive Rock band formed in 1967 by Peter Gabriel, as he incorporated Anthony Phillips, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett and Mike rutherford into it. This line-up did 2 albums:from Genesis to Revelation and Tresspass. Neither of these two albums were major succeses, however, some of their songs stayed in some of their later live shows. After these 2 albums, the drummer was kicked out, and Peter Gabriel held an audition at his house for a new one. They discovered Phill Collins, who not only became their drummer, but also stayed on Back up vocals for several years. This line up did the albums nursery crymes, foxtrot, selling england by the pound, and the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. By this time it was 1974, and the band was becoming quite popular in the UK and in the US. For multiple reasons, Peter Gabriel left the band after the LLDOB tour, and Phill Collins moved into Lead Vocals for the next album, A Trick of The Tail. This album was the most succesfull yet. The same line-up released the album Wind & Wuthering a moderatly succesfull album in 1977. After this, Steve Hackett left, leaving only Phill Collins, Tony Banks and Mike rutherford, which left them as a trio which changed styles drastically, and slowly moved into "pop" music with the albums ...And Then There Were Three..., Duke and Abacab, it was now 1981, and the band was more succesfull than ever with radio stations, but had lost most of it's fans from the 70's with it's new sound which disappointed many. The same line up went through to 1992 with the albums Genesis, Invisible Touch and I Can't Dance. After this, Phill Collins left the band, and Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford picked up a new singer, with whom the band develloped their last album; Calling all Stations in 1997.